weekend update

While reaching for some popcorn, I just knocked copies of The Bridges of Madison County by James Waller and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in the trashcan. Odd, but I feel like reporting that.

I need to do a weekend recap, because I had an entertaining weekend at home for once, and I should record parts of it so that someday, when I look back and say, “Whoa, I was a loser in college!” I can add things like, “but at least I had fun that weekend.”

So, Friday night I went to see “A Little Night Music” at KU with . As I was telling her that night, my first viewing of this musical little play was in D.C. as part of my Theatre: Principles, Plays, and Performances class, one of the few honors courses I truly enjoyed. We went to a play every Thursday night for an entire semester, and it was grand. I remember very little of this performance. It was one of the more traditional plays we saw during the semester, so I can kind of remember feeling a bit of sensory relief at seeing it. I do remember that the accompanying band/orchestra was not always very great, and I think there was at least one actor/actress who had some bad singing. Anyway, the KU production was very nice – some of the men were hard to hear in the first act, but that was fixed after intermission, so I think it might have been a sound problem. I definitely enjoyed it, and while wanted the blood-red-over-black dress (I think), I was lusting after the orange dress worn by Desiree. If I had to wear a dress around, that would be the one I’d pick.

After the play we went to the Grenada to see The Sellouts, and that was really fun – I don’t think I’ve done any dancing since I’ve been in Kansas (well, perhaps at a wedding), and certainly not to a band dressed as Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Gene Simmons, one of the Village People, and Jim Morrisson.

Saturday I went to KC (as previously noted) and saw Jersey Girl. I also bought some Mod Podge, which I put to good use later in the evening. Lessons for the year: I should not be left alone with paper, glue, and furniture.

Sunday, I ran some errands and then , Pooch, and I went to see Hellboy. This blended well with my continuing Kavalier and Clay reading (the comic book/graphic novel adaptation interest, at least). We also had some yummy Culver’s frozen custard (and fries, for me. Mmmm fries), and then I came home and glued more stuff to my furniture.

OK, weekend wrapped!

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One Response to weekend update

  1. simplelyric says:

    I’d rather toss Frankenstein in the trash on purpose than actually ever have to finish reading it. Yuck.

    I only remember pieces of A Little Night Music (with the song “Send in the Clowns,” right?), although I’m fairly certain it’s one of the plays that I enjoyed. I think that might have been the one that I got to late because neither the taxi driver nor I knew where the theater was.

    What did you end up thinking about Jersey Girl and Hellboy? I’m still trying to decide whether or not I want to see the former. I saw the latter on Saturday (my dad’s birthday) and was quite underwhelmed by it. =/

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