!!! noooooo

Well, I’ve stumbled upon Sigh. I basically spent most of my evening playing online Monopoly… including one game against Doug, which I won because I ROCK, and also I’m very lucky. Except now I’m playing clue and I hit the wrong button and got out of the game on my second turn. Fab.

Also tonight, formally and finally decided that I’m staying put in my apartment, having turned down the open slot in my sister’s duplex, AKA the place she lives even though her mail comes here. I’m feeling good about this decision, because I HATE MOVING. As I was explaining last night, I moved 5 times within twelve months two years ago, and I have noooo need to do any of that again… particularly because I’ve collected even more crap to move since then. For instance: a couch.

“The Daily Show” is quite amusing this evening.

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