movin’ on up!

I’m undertaking a minor shift of furnishings in my apartment at the moment. First, I’ve moved my dresser into the kitchen, or what I like to call the “staging area,” because I want to paint it black tomorrow (cue the Rolling Stones) and the kitchen lets out onto the little slab of concrete where I can paint it. Second, I’ve moved out of my bedroom and into my sister’s room* to sleep. This is nice in that I again have a place where I sleep and a place where I “work,” instead of the combined computer-haven-bedroom that I’ve had since moving in. Also, it’s a little cooler in her room, and I have pledged to have no AC for as long as possible (I’d love to be able not to run it until I leave for Italy, but… we’ll see how long I can hold out. The rule is: If I’m avoiding home because it’s hot, therefore costing myself money, it’s better to make the apartment cool and spend more time there). So, anyway, there’s disarray everywhere. Wait, that’s all normal.

There’s an interesting little piece by Hubert Selby about his “writing obsession” that I found linked at the bottom of his AP-written, Yahoo!-carried obituary today. I really like his closing lines: “Just touching a keyboard awakens something within me that only comes to life when I’m working. I only became aware of the writer sleeping, very soundly, within me after I started writing, and it took years of writing every day to wake him up.”

I give “The Daily Show” 4/5 **** tonight for political commentary, though I could have done without the Rebecca Romijn-Stamos interview.

KU will be playing host (note: HOST IS NOT A VERB) to a conference called “One Year After ‘Victory’: International and Domestic Perspectives on the War in Iraq.” Everything in the conference is free, including all meals except the Friday night dinner, if you pre-register! Woo-hoo, I love my university and the Dole Institute. I have decided to go, and I’m quite excited to hear it all. I’m getting more and more interested in the Woodward book as I go – poor Colin Powell! Poor America! And, as always I ask, WTF is the American President doing taking a ONE MONTH VACATION? Come on!

*It should be noted that my sister’s room is/was actually the guest room. It’s been completely vacant for 1.75 years now.

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3 Responses to movin’ on up!

  1. starstraf says:

    if he wants vacation I’m up for giving him a long one!
    Send Bush on Vaction – vote for Kerry

  2. kepkanation says:

    Send Bush on Vaction – vote for Kerry

    Good point! Permanent vacation! Hear hear!

  3. simplelyric says:

    (note: HOST IS NOT A VERB)

    Well, sort of.

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