many eeks! in so few hours

Well, my passport application has been submitted. I had a little shiver of worry watching her staple my (original! ack!) birth certificate to the forms and put them in the mail, but I’m sure it will all come back. For the expedited price I paid (all told, nearly $175), I sure hope it comes back, maybe with little bells on.

Speaking of prices, I also went to get my plane tickets today. Holy mother of Visa, that’s going to be a painful purchase. I will probably finalize the tickets tomorrow, and then my diet of “things found in my cabinets” will be forced instead of done out of laziness. I’m still waiting for financial aid to transfer over for the summer – and there’s a chance it might not switch until late May or even, gasp, early June – so I may be very poor for while. Which is why I’m writing this from work. Heh heh. I have delayed the purchase until tomorrow, because I want to be 100 percent certain that my arrival times are kosher. Right now, though, I have a nine-hour layover in London. Ooooo.

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4 Responses to many eeks! in so few hours

  1. starstraf says:

    Maybe Barbara can come take you on a London Tour during those 9 hours

  2. webcowgirl says:

    I have found very nice prices in the past going through Best Fares. If you think they have a fare that will work for you, join and try to book. If they can’t beat a fare you had planned on purchasing outside of them, you can cancel your membership and get a full refund.

    Ooh, since you’re going to Florence, maybe you can hit Sienna and pick up some special plates for me …

  3. drenilop says:

    BEST GELATO in Italy, I found in Florence: Antica Gelateria Fiorentina, Via Faenza 2/a. (I saved a business card when I visited so I could find it again the next day; card wound up in my scrapbook. LOL)

    There’s also a nice cheap internet cafe right near there too, a couple doors away.

    Some nice street fairs/markets on Saturday morning; beautiful silk scarves and leather goods quite cheap. Scarves/ties are cheap AND small/light/unbreakable/easy to pack – they make excellent gifts. Some VERY beautiful places to sit by the river and read/study, just upstream from the Ponte Vecchio (leave the train station, make a right and go past St. Maria Novella and under the arches, it’s up on the left a bit – big black square stones, I think, part of the river wall).

    Probably worth an afternoon’s research/reading into the evolution of church architecture before you go. All sorts of periods on display there.

    Rome’s about a $20 train ride away, I’ve got an address for a nice hostel there if you want it. Pisa’s a day trip, and not really worth it unless they reopen the tower for a day (which they do, occasionally), or unless you have a particular interest in the Hanseatic League and its influence on politics/art/architecture.

    And last but not least — Florence is also home to the Italian national library. 🙂

    Gotta love a nerd like me, I went around Europe taking pictures of myself at all the national libraries. 🙂 hehehehe Then I made a poster out of them and hung it in my bedroom.

  4. simplelyric says:

    Out of curiosity, when are you actually traveling, and when, accordingly, is that layover? (You can e-mail me if you don’t want to announce your specific plans here.)

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