shoe storm! eee!

So, last night, I spent an entire paycheck to buy two new pairs of shoes from a Web site that I’d never shopped on before. The shoes are the much-talked-of sandals (in brown) and the even-more-talked-of adidas in blue and orange suede. (I did go out and try on a pair of similar adidas shoes in town and discovered I needed a half size larger than I would have expected, so they aren’t totally guesswork). Anyway, I ordered from, and so far, it’s been a spectacular experience. Maybe I’m cursing myself by saying that, but there was 1). No shipping charge, 2). No tax, and 3). Free, postage-paid returns within the first year. And then, 4). I just got an e-mail saying that even though I was slated to have them shipped within 5 business days, they’ve bumped me up to FedEx one-day delivery at no charge, and the shoes should be here tomorrow. Woo-hoo! I’ll be a walking advertisment (quite literally) for this place if everything works out.

I can’t figure out what’s happened to me. I used to be a three-pairs-at-most shoe girl. Now I’m going to have, eek! Somewhere in the neighborhood of eight wearable pairs of shoes! Good grief, it’s like I’m Barbie.

Also set up appointments today to make my payments at study abroad and to get my will/power of attorney stuff written up at Legal Services for Students. It’s been a productive 45 minutes of consciousness for me so far. Now to find food…

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4 Responses to shoe storm! eee!

  1. casapazzo says:

    BAD Jenn! No recommending cheap online stores to me, bad!

  2. kepkanation says:

    Uh, I meant to say, they won’t, uh, ship to D.C., or to people whose last names begin with the letter P. Yeah, that’s it – therefore you’re safe and I’m not evil! Whew. 😉

  3. gotmce99 says:

    I am very glad that I have access to this journal. I find your shoe-shopping sprees VERY Barbie, VERY hilarious, and VERY different from the Jenn I knew.

    I hope you keep it up.

  4. kepkanation says:

    Soon I’m going to be PLASTIC. I’ll start dating eunuchs and driving a sports car and living in a pink house and working 57 million jobs, all of which require cute outfits and high heels… it’s so sad what my life has become.

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