at least I got free cookies

Overall, it’s been both a good and a potentially bad day.

Let’s focus on the good:

  • Made it to ALL THREE CLASSES today, which is the final day of class for Spring Semester. Superyay.
  • My debate instructor announced in class that we can get extra credit for attending a forum tomorrow night that I was already thinking about attending, so that’s good. Here’s info on it, which I submit because I wrote the press release. It’s on “Public Talk about Issues: Can Debate about Policy Be Both Sensible and Civil?” and will feature our local democratic Congressman and the governor’s speechwriter, so I’m very dorkily excited.
    • As part of that, I also got a compliment on the press release from the guy who sent in the info. I feel it was mostly undeserved, as it’s basically just a reorganization of what he submitted and, well, I did it in about 15 minutes. But he sent it to my boss’s boss, so that’s always very nice.
  • Today in English class, my team won the little class “identify the quotes” trivia game and we all got caramel-apple suckers for it. And apparently I’m not as bad at listening in class as I thought, hee hee.
  • All of the students at work got bags of Teddy Grahams. And then another woman at work gave me a bag of cookies and candy as a “survival kit” for finals. Woo-hoo free cookies!
  • My waitress tonight at dinner complimented my new shoes, and then another worker did, too. Oh blue adidas, how I love thee.
  • I won three games of Monopoly. Finally.

So, the bad is this. Last night, in the course of just sitting in front of the ATM, my car decided to start overheating. I went to get gas and thought, well, maybe I’ll check the oil or something. Lifted the hood and noticed that my coolant reservoir was basically empty. This is particularly alarming because it was refilled within the last month. So, I fear I may have a leak – only the car doesn’t seem to be leaking on to the ground. When I called my dad and mentioned this, he asked if I had checked the oil. I had not. He said the fear now should be that I have water leaking into the oil. Ooooh please don’t be that. I already lost one car to this exact same problem. So tomorrow or Saturday, I have to take the car in and get this checked out. Adding on to the bad (or at least the frustrating) is that fact that my sister doesn’t seem to be returning my calls, so I may have to take it somewhere and then just wait on the verdict. Hopefully it’s nothing serious and I can just drive on home. Hope, hope, hope.

Also, somewhat on the negative, the book that I’m reading (The Price of Loyalty) is making my head spin and hurt. The hurting comes from the fact that I haven’t reviewed fiscal policy in many, many years, and even then it was only in an introductory course kind of way, so some of the arguments are Greek to me. The spin part comes from the politics. The book is good — surprisingly partisan, considering that Suskind is a former editor at the (conservative) Wall Street Journal — but the information it imparts is both discouraging and frightening. It’s a slightly different picture than Woodward paints, and yet it’s also the same – of a president who is basically swayed by political consideration and ideological zeal more than fact or reason. Anyway, it’s a faster read than The Final Days, and I think I might take it and some popcorn to bed now, even though I had a surprisingly refreshing 3-hour nap after school today.

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2 Responses to at least I got free cookies

  1. drenilop says:

    Hehehehe… you can refer all your fiscal policy questions to me; I’ve had to teach this crap lately. 🙂

  2. simplelyric says:

    Oh blue adidas, how I love thee.

    So, I’m guessing that those fit all right. =) How are the sandals?

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