As CEO of Rent-A-Chimp…

So. My car needs a new radiator. The one it’s got, which has a plastic top, has cracked. Plastic radiators are generally replacement-only parts, I’ve discovered; they cannot usually be repaired with much success. Firestone will replace mine with an all-metal, lifetime-guaranteed radiator and give me a 10% student discount. After calling around and consulting a few online sources, I’ve discovered/decided that the offer being made is, actually, not that bad. With some effort, I might be able to reduce the cost by $50, but I’d definitely have to delay repair by at least 3 days if not a full week to do that. It’s worth it to me to get it done Monday, so. New radiator. Bah.

The good news is, I’ll still get to go see John Kerry in Topeka Monday morning, because my sister (who I finally got a hold of) will loan me her car for the adventure. In other good news that I couldn’t talk about yesterday, the Clinton speech got moved from the Lied Center (seats 2,000) to Allen Fieldhouse (seats 12,000), so I will have a second and third chance to get tickets on Monday and Tuesday. Yay! Yay! Yay!

I finished reading The Price of Loyalty last night. Hmm, it was very interesting. The Bushes must be gunning for Paul O’Neill these days. It was actually a fascinating study of politics around, but not directly (usually) in the Oval Office. It, like the Woodward book, really portrayed Cheney as the “brains” of the operation. I’m now reading The Commanders by Bob Woodward, a book written in 1990-1991 about the lead up to the first Gulf War in the first Bush administration, in which Cheney and Colin Powell are extensively featured/studied in their roles as Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. So interesting, all of this interconnection.

As I predict that, perhaps, the final straw is about to fall on the back of Rumsfeld’s official camelcade, I have also decided to apply for a new job. Watch out, Rummy. Any bets on what W might nickname me?

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2 Responses to As CEO of Rent-A-Chimp…

  1. starstraf says:

    you know you will be competing against Pooch for that position.

  2. starstraf says:

    Pooch gave these responses….

    Sure I’ll hire you, no wait on second though maybe I won’t, well i could…

    Could you send me another picture of you wearing a black beret

    I’d like to but Mr Cheney says I can’t.

    Bush Sr:
    Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture

    I made poo poo in my diaper

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