Grr in the extreme

So. Let’s review. It’s finals week and I needed a new radiator. I took my car to Firestone because they would give me a free tire rotation with my oil change, since I bought my two new Lemans tires there earlier this year. They replaced the radiator today.

I drove my sister’s car around today, briefly, and she shuttled me to campus for my final; I took the bus home after my final, which went, I think, OK, and then Maria kindly shuttled me back to firestone to pick up my car at approximately 5:45 p.m.

I drove to dinner. Then I drove home. In my car. I glanced down and noticed that the heat gauge was hovering just over halfway up; curious, I thought. I kept driving. I couldn’t tell if the neddle was actually going up toward hot or if it was just me, being over-concerned with a car just back from the shop. I drove past the turn for my house, thinking I’d drive to the top of the hill and then turn around, just to make sure it wasn’t overheating.

Oh, it was. By the time I reached the next big street, I had to pull off at a gas station. Smoke was puffing up from under the hood. When I opened it up, I could see that a hose leading from my new radiator to somewhere had come unhooked, and all of the coolant had leaked out.

I had to have the car towed back to Firestone. I’m annoyed, I’m frustrated, I’m thinking this might be the third time this year that I’ve watched my car get carried away on a tow truck…

The frustrating part is, if it’s just a hose that wasn’t clamped properly, well, OK. Those things happen. Human error, find, I know it wasn’t malicious, I can forgive and forget and move on. Will I return to Firestone for service in the future? No. But as long as they don’t charge me to fix the problem they created, I’ll be OK with it — I’d be more OK if they’d refund the cost of the coolant system flush that they performed today, but we’ll see if I argue it.

I’d just like to know why these things seem to happen at such inconvenient times. Finals week? T-10 days to leaving for Florence? Grrrr in the extreme.

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