the END of POLS301, and welcome to the world, Captain Liberty

It’s easier just to provide the transcript:

jenn: ok
doug: ok
jenn: so apparently i shouldn’t be allowed a pen at 7:30 in the morning
jenn: I drew a picture into my final exam for political theory
doug of what?>
jenn: I ran out of things to say about liberterianism, which I probably spelled wrong throughout, so I just said that the people of my fictional government wouldn’t vote for Captain Liberty, and then I drew a picture of him.
doug: oh no
jenn: he had little blue ink underwear on over his tights and a big letter L on his shirt
doug: that is toooooo funny
jenn: somehow at the time it seemed like a good idea
doug: maybe your prof will love it
jenn: he was saying, “I love liberterians!”
doug: hahahaha
jenn: and underneath I wrote, obviously I am not an art student.
jenn: at least it’s OVER

This was, thankfully, at the end of a fairly substantial (but full of BS) essay on a variety of political philosophies, so hopefully it won’t hurt too much. There were only three parts to the exam, though, and each one counted for 10% of our final grade in the course… hope he likes little incidental humor. Why didn’t I sleep more?

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2 Responses to the END of POLS301, and welcome to the world, Captain Liberty

  1. casapazzo says:

    hee. Well, at least you’re creative. You should get points for that. đŸ™‚

  2. kepkanation says:

    I’m telling myself, it’s the end of the semester for him, too. He’s got to be a least as punchy as I am. Or something.

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