Also, I am absolutely DYING for American news. The International Herald Tribune is 2 euro a day, too much for me, and the news in it is so limited that it’s not that helpful — though oddly, just as I was typing this, a man came up and said, “Are you by chance a Yankee?” And when I said yes, he handed me his International Herald Trib and said, “Free newspaper for you!” So, happy day!

But I Miss My Politics! There were huge protests in Rome this weekend against Bush, but that’s about the most political news I can glean from the local papers.

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2 Responses to politica!

  1. webcowgirl says:

    Ronald Reagan just died, yay! Otherwise, read the New York Times online.

    I was wondering if you’d made it to Florence – ya gonna pick me up a Palio souvenir in Sienna?

  2. kepkanation says:

    Palio? I have yet to venture to Siena, but I think I’ll make it over there next month with the school. Che cosa, Palio?

    I try to read nytimes.com and washingtonpost.com when I get a chance, but usually there are lines at the school computers. Grrr. Was happy to hear about RR — I can’t even say I wished him dead or anything (I don’t so much care, once he’s out of office), but I’m glad he didn’t hold out until *just* before the election.

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