And now for something non-Italy related

Had an e-mail from a friend today, who’s trying to save a historic house in Texas from demolition. She’s looking for a way to spread the news quickly and for tiny donations from anyone who’s able. All of the info about the Turner House and the project she and her partner are undertaking is up at
The house is scheduled for demolition on the 13th, so if anybody wants to send money their way or mention it in their own blog/journal/random other ways of communication, I’m sure she’d be appreciative. If they get money but not enough to save the house, the rest of the money will be donated to a couple of worthy charities, including the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer fund. I’ll vouch for the fact that Shelley’s intentions are definitely good here.

The message from her is as follows:

Would you mind putting this link on your blog and passing it around to friends? Janel and
I have this crazy set of circumstances that has led to the possibility of getting this house, but we have to come up with money fast, and it’s not looking good. I am trying to get the word out to anyone I know. We
are just looking for small donations (like $10) and hoping that we can get lots of people to help. At this point, if we could even come up with $5000, it would make a huge difference in whether we get the
house or not. Anyway, if you’re willing, please pass that around.

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7 Responses to And now for something non-Italy related

  1. simplelyric says:

    Ten dollars isn’t much, and it sounds like a worthy cause (and just as much so if they can’t get the house). =) I hope they get all they need.

    I know you have many other books you’re reading or planning to read, but here’s another rec for you: Bet Me, by Jennifer Crusie. It’s a romance novel of sorts, but it’s sweet and realistic, easy to relate to, and absolutely *hilarious*. I loved it in spite of myself.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I’ll definitely add it to the list. In fact, right now, I’m looking for a good beach book. Is it a good beach book?

  3. simplelyric says:

    Oh, without a doubt. It’s engaging and a quick read.

  4. kepkanation says:

    I went to the bookstore nearest me just after reading this, and they didn’t have it; neither did the all-English store that I worship. 😦 But I’ll get it once I’m in the U.S. and have a simulated beach-reading day.

  5. simplelyric says:

    Alas and alack. That’s too bad. I like the idea of a simulated beach-reading day, though. I may have to have one of those myself. =)

  6. kepkanation says:

    I’m thinking my “simulated beach reading day” will be a day that I lay on the floor in my air conditioned apartment and read while sending my (woefully imaginary) cabana boy back and forth to the kitchen for fresh drinks. Are you in?

  7. simplelyric says:

    Oh, yeah — count me in. That plan doesn’t even require wearing a bathing suit, let alone wearing one in front of other people. Woohoo!

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