I have no faith in the system

Apparently, if you show up to vote and you don’t have any form of ID in Kansas, you can cast what’s known as a “provisional ballot,” as 300 residents of my county did in Tuesday’s election. You then have until Friday to provide valid ID — which can be a driver’s license, a bank statement, a utility bill, a government check or other government documents showing a name and proper address — to the county clerk’s office. You can also FAX or e-mail scanned documents to the office. All of this would generally be unimportant, but there’s a Republican primary for the House seat currently occupied by Kansas’s only Congressional Democrat in which the margin of victory is currently at 87 votes. Douglas County has 118 provisional Republican ballots; Wyandotte has about 600 total; Johnson County has 3,000.

So here’s really my question: what exactly prevents you from showing up, giving someone else’s name, and then faxing in a blurry copy of a bank statement you create on your own computer? I really hope there’s some kind of check on that, as in, they call the bank or compare the driver’s license that’s shown to the numbers and everything on record, but… my guess is, they don’t.

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