McCain man

So, does anyone know what the White House has on John McCain? There must be something. I can’t think of any other reason that would suddenly put McCain out on the campaign trail in such a hardcore, hold-hands-with-the-president way, unless he’s going to be up for some kind of cabinet post if Bush wins. I’ve never been a huge McCain fan — I don’t even particularly like his campaign finance bill, though I applaud the effort — but that man used to hate W, and now they’re trying to play them off as best friends all over the country. Something’s fishy…

…or maybe McCain’s just smarter than I give him credit for. This is about the best way possible to stay in your party’s good graces (on the surface — I’m sure Karl Rove’s head is about to explode over it) without ruining your relationship with the other guy:

McCain, who is to deliver a keynote speech at the Republican National Convention this month, has made it clear he is backing Bush and plans to campaign for the Republican ticket with one big condition: He will not criticize Kerry. (

And also… anyone in the KC area want to go to the John Kerry rally tonight? I just called and there are apparently a “ton” of tickets left…

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