Bob Dole joins the fire list

Dear Senate Republicans,

Please don’t dismantle the CIA. I might want to work there run it someday.



Also making me want to scream (and be stolen by masked Norwegians) today: Bob Dole is no longer my friend. Since he lost the 1996 election, Dole has been that perfect tolerable politician, and we’ve been getting along just great. Though I continue to disagree with his political beliefs and question whether his wife is a robot, I’ve been able to respect his actions and his usually civil, thoughtful, sometimes humorous discourse. This line about “he never bled,” though, is a line drawn in the sand — a line of panic, a line that screams Karl Rove standing in his office, sweating bullets and yelling, “Somebody get me Dole! He was in a war!” I’ll admit it, I’ve always given Dole a little bit of extra respect for his war service and later his attention to veterans (you should have seen the turnout for the opening of the Dole Institute last summer). Going on national TV, claiming a man is your friend, and then basically calling him a coward for leaving the service after three wounds in battle… I’m sorry to say it, Senator, but I’m glad you’ve moved out of my state.

In good news, I’m trendy! Or at least, my desires are. “Toyota’s Prius Proving to be the Hotter Ride in Hybrids” (

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2 Responses to Bob Dole joins the fire list

  1. webcowgirl says:

    Bah, this whole thing is getting out of control.

    I wanted to say a few days ago that the two Japanese lit classes I took provided some of the most abiding literary experiences of my college years.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I took an Asian-American Lit class a few years ago and loved every book we read. I’m hoping this will be a similarly good experience!

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