I didn’t miss the weather, not at all

Yesterday, we had storms. Rain all day and then big nasty storms in the evening. Wait, first. First, my car finally was finished and I got to pick it up (with an assist from my sister) around 5. Then I rushed off to walking class. The weather was just perfect for our walking, but when I came out, it was pouring. And when I turned on the air in my car, it made a horrible thwapping sound, so I had to drive with the windows slightly open just so that everything wouldn’t fog over in the rain. Much fun. So I went home, heard the predictions of hail and ugliness, and decided to take my newly-liberated car over to the parking garage at school and then ensconce myself in the library for the remainder of the evening. Good plan, as we ended up being evacuated to the basement about 30 minutes after I (and my dinner, smuggled in from Wendy’s) arrived.

I didn’t manage to pick up the book I needed before the sirens went off, so I instead read short stories out of the O.Henry Awards from 2001 (including “The Smoker,” which should be helpful in my screenwriting class later on). And after 30 minutes of sitting on the floor surrounded by books in German, the fire alarm went off in the library. This was, we later found out, due to a power surge on campus, but it was a bit disturbing at the time: can’t go outside because of the tornado, can’t stay inside because of fire. Wait, it gets better: they eventually got the alarm off, but then we had to move up a half-floor (our library is constructed of about 10 half-floors in the stacks) because the basement started to flood. And apparently most of the town of Lawrence was flooding at the same time.

But, I made it home, safe and sound after about an hour in the library dungeon, and today my car shook itself free of the debris in its fan (while being looked at by a mechanic, because it has inherited my sense of ironic humor), and all is well. The end.

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