laptop or not to laptop?

I’m in the middle of a little purchasing debate. The short of it is, I’m thinking of buying a laptop and I don’t know exactly what to get. I know pretty much what I want — not a desktop replacement, because my computer is doing just fine for me at the moment; but also not something so slow that it’s already obsolete — I just don’t know exactly where/when/how to get it. I’m considering an iBook, because the education discount really helps. Might have to go talk to the kid at the store tomorrow. We’ll see.

Anyone have a laptop they either love or want to warn me away from?

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12 Responses to laptop or not to laptop?

  1. egretplume says:

    Please post what you end up doing about this, as I am in the same dilemma, and have been a windows person and even antiMac my whole life, but the iBooks are calling me with their cuteness and relative cheapness and attractive smallness and ipod compatibilityfulness. I’m just afraid of the incompatibility.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I’ve struggled with the Apple problem before, and they’ve made great strides in being more compatible — particularly with popular games and Microsoft products. Though I’ve never personally owned one, for about three years a I used a Mac as my primary computer, and for me, the compatibility problem wasn’t much of a problem for me. Anymore, I think all of the major software that’s out there has a Mac version. We ran into snags mostly with things like certain online games/apps. The biggest “problem” I ran into was the inability to “trade around” software with friends. And the current student-iPod discount is really tempting me…

  3. drenilop says:

    I love the flexibility of my laptop. But if you’re getting one deliberately to supplement (rather than replace) your desktop, I’d recommend NOT getting an iBook unless you’re already running a Mac. You’d need twice as much software, twice as much… etc. Also a hassle to convert files back and forth between the two.

  4. therealjae says:

    IBooks totally rock.


  5. adammaker says:

    I’m using an older iBook (clamshell model) and it runs the latest OS_X 10.3, just fine if a tad slow compared to my home dual processor PC. ;^)

    I have been able to open any file that I need to with OSX, I’ve not hit many incompatibilities yet.
    Well, it would not open several viruses, but that’s a fine thing by me.

    If you want to see how mine is set up for use on KU camous, I’d be happy to stop and give you a mini tour of Macs re compatibility.


  6. starstraf says:

    I think Adam’s comparison woudl be more accurate then Pooch’s since the same type of model. But I would actually talk to both of them (FYI Adam eats sushi to)

    My only problem with my PC laptop is I wish I had an internal wi-fi (like Pooch’s the mac has) instead of card.

  7. kepkanation says:

    The software problem is definitely one of the drawbacks toward getting a Mac. However, in a way, I think it might help me, as I don’t want to get a computer that’s too easy to load up with all the games and fun bits that tempt me away from homework at home. Still, it would seem that a little self-discipline on my part might be a better way to restrict that than buying a non-compatible computer!

  8. kepkanation says:

    IBooks totally rock.
    I know, I have a computer crush on this tiny little 12″ that’s been hanging out at the bookstore… I try to stop in and wink at it at least daily.

  9. kepkanation says:

    I will definitely have to take you (and Pooch) up on the mini-Mac tour after I settle on this computer. I’ve heard pretty good things about Mac compatibility at KU.

    But, I think it is looking like it will be a 2005 purchase now instead of a late 2004 buy… unless I impulse buy the cute little model at the bookstore sometime soon!

  10. jensixstones says:

    I…uh…may be able to help you with this should you decide on a mac.

  11. drenilop says:

    GAMES aren’t the real problem – I’m thinking about the big ticket ones school-related like Word/Office.

  12. kepkanation says:

    Ooo, any help would be appreciated… though it looks like I won’t be buying until next semester.

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