Friday Five

1. What is the best dessert you’ve ever had? Perhaps the Great Wall of Chocolate at P.F. Chang’s. That seems a little lame, but… it’s very good. And huuuuge.
2. Is there a dessert that just plain grosses you out? Gross? Um, chocolate-covered insects of any kind.
3. Straight out of the container or with lots of toppings …. tell us how you like your ice cream. I still like vanilla with Hershey’s syrup best of all.
4. Cookie dough, brownie mix, cake batter or the finished products? Depends on my mood… but a little cookie dough never hurts.
5. You’ve just invented a great new dessert …. what’s in it and what is it called? It’s a totally calorie- and fat-free gooey fudge brownie that also provides all of your necessary daily vitamins. Also available in reversed Oreo (vanilla cookie with chocolate creme) flavor.

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