bad treatment

Brett suggested that I read a Post article from today (“Putin Moves to Centralize Authority” by Peter Baker) about Vladmir Putin’s plan to further consolidate his leadership by changing things so that regional governors are no longer directly elected but are instead appointed by Putin. So I read that, and then the follow up piece(“Critics Say Putin Must Address Security Corruption” by PB) that will be in today’s Post, and now I’m just sure the world is going to hell. Not that I wasn’t sure before…

In another sign of this, Pat Buchanan was on “The Daily Show” tonight sounding mostly reasonable. I can’t figure that out at all, but the man was making sense about the war in Iraq. Surely a pig will be flying by my window any moment now.

Today, I had a horribly slow and frustrating morning, followed by a good quiz in my Samurai class. Then we had a craptastic discussion in my fiction writing class. I’m starting to wonder if I’m just not getting the stories we’re reading, because no one seems to find the problems with them that I do. I say that not just because no one’s speaking up, but because everyone seems to like the points that I hate the most. So my concern is that maybe I’ve become too “traditional” or conservative in what I like in a story. Then again, I’ve been assuming that much of the stuff that I don’t like has come from carelessness, and I don’t think I have yet to see that theory disproven: so far, only one story hasn’t had a significant problem with spell-checking.

And screenwriting class was mostly a bust, since I saved the wrong version of my screenplay. Next week, he wants us to bring a treatment. I’ll just need to figure out what that is. In good news: I’ve decided the finger is mortally damaged in a car door.

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