don’t wanna be an American idiot

Today I had two e-mails reminding me to register to vote, though I already am (in Douglas County this year. Woo-hoo!). So, in case anyone out there isn’t registered to vote or has changed parties, moved, etc., I thought I’d share the wealth. You can go through:

1). (registering here will sign you up for their action alerts)
2). HRC, where you can also sign up to Volunteer for change or to get the HRC action alerts.
3). For partisans, will gladly help you register in your state. It uses, and there’s information on how to register for/request an absentee ballot in your state and dates on doing that, too.
4). And for a nonpartisan moment, the United States Election Assistance Commission provides the National Voter Registration form (in .pdf). They also have a list of deadlines by state.

Now, off to watch Kerry on Letterman.

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