easily amused and NEW CAKE

I’m excited. Hear me say, “Woo-hoo, woo-hoo!” Why am I excited? Because a DVD of Bottle Rocket is winging its little way to my apartment as we speak, courtesy of the Barnes & Noble gift card I got from Dad and Jen for my birthday. Also coming on the wings of B&N, as soon as it releases, is the brand new Cake CD, Pressure Chief. I wouldn’t have even known that there was a new Cake CD coming out except that I left the CD I’ve been listening to in Maria’s car this weekend, and so I somehow caught the new single (“No Phone”) on the radio. And now… happiness.

Also on the radio today, one of the guys (Slimfast) was trying to do a newscast while the other (Lazlo) mocked him. One part went something like this:

Slimfast: It will be on the wood-nut label…
Lazlo: The what?
Slimfast: Woodnut.
Lazlo: Spell it.
Slimfast: Whodunit.

I, and probably most of the 96.5 listeners in the area, then had trouble driving because I was laughing so hard. It just takes very little to amuse me today.

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