iBook! Eeeeeeee!

Today I went to campus at around 11:45, found a parking space despite the football game (it hadn’t started yet, I guess), and walked into the Union bookstore to buy my iBook. The TechShop salesman was a different guy than yesterday, and for some reason, the minute I said I wanted to buy a computer he couldn’t stop smiling. The weird part is, he was trying not to smile. I told him what I wanted — it seemed to come as a surprise to him that I knew what I wanted, which makes me wonder if most people walk in and say, “What kind of computer should I get today?” — and he explained that they’d have to special order it, as they apparently have nothing in stock. They did, however, have a couple 12″ iBooks on order with the features I wanted, namely the AirPort card. The on-order iBooks also had twice the hard drive that I wanted/feel I need, but they’d be in quicker and the hard drive upgrade wasn’t dramatic. We ran into some little snags: the guy yesterday had told me I’d just have to put 10 percent down on the order and could still do the “Cram and Jam” special, where you can add an iPod and get a $200 rebate on it; this guy said to get the Cram & Jam deal, I had to pay for everything up front, which, with the added iPod expense, I was not prepared to do. So I said, “OK, I just want the computer.” And he said I wouldn’t need to put anything down for it, and he’d just add my name to the list and they’d let me know when it came in.

Then he said: “And if you change your mind and don’t want it, don’t worry about it, we sell them really fast.”

I thought, OK, whatever, and left, ready to go to KC for the Plaza Art Fair. Got to KC. Parked near Barnes and Noble. Walked out on to the street and started to amble down to the Art Fair, and lo-and-behold, what did I pass but The Apple Store. Now, I didn’t know Kansas City *had* an Apple Store. Why didn’t I know? Because today was their OPENING DAY. Is this a sign?

I pondered that question while walking around the Art Fair. I tried to make it go away with a chocolate mini martini, but no dice. So I went back to the Apple Store, confirmed that they could give me my education discount, and bought an iMac off the shelf. They’re installing the wireless card today and I will be able to pick it up, ready to use, TOMORROW.

It’s so funny how things work out sometimes.

Anyway, post-computer purchase, I found I’d missed the early showtime for Silver City and drove home, went for a walk/jog, and now I’m craving salad. Who craves salad? Wait, me. Of course I have no salad-making materials… so perhaps a celebratory salad is in order before returning home to watch Anderson Cooper get blown away by Hurricane Jeanne. Who says I’m not exciting?

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2 Responses to iBook! Eeeeeeee!

  1. starstraf says:

    WOW – gotta take Pooch to the Apple Store.
    YEAH on doing your walk/jog.
    Pooch says “welcome to the fold”

  2. kepkanation says:

    The Apple Store is small but very cool. Apparently the first 1,000 people at the store all got Apple T-shirts, though I missed out on that. It has lots of fun computery stuff.

    And I’m typing on my iBook RIGHT NOW!!! 🙂

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