“I hope it was a big dog, at least.”

I apparently have an Anderson Cooper hangover: my head hurts this morning, and the only thing I did too much of yesterday was watching Anderson Cooper be nearly blown over by Hurricane Jeanne. I’m sad to report that he wasn’t as entertaining this time, because his hot weatherman friend stayed behind in Atlanta, and also because… well, it’s a hurricane and people were losing their homes and possibly being injured. Though, still, a few jems came through.

COOPER: Somehow I’ve wound up in the stupid position of blocking you from the wind. You’re supposed to block me. I’m not sure how this has happened.
CHAD MYERS, other meteorologist: Sorry.
COOPER: Yes. With Rob Marciano, I was able to shove him in front of the winds.

COOPER: Yes. Not a good — Carol, these are not conditions to walk your dog in. Make a mental note just in the future.
MYERS: I don’t think the dog likes it either.
COOPER: I hope it was a big dog at least. My God, it was one of those little dogs, they’d be out of here.

Also, I can’t find it on the transcripts page at CNN.com, but there was a nice little scene about a man out smoking in the middle of the hurricane that included some brief Anderson musing on exactly what the man might be smoking.

Countdown to computer pick up: T-2 hours or so. Which means I should get down to the business of getting lunch before I get down to the business of getting down, or however that saying went.

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