Karen Hughes has turned me into a gangster

I think this is valid. I want Karen Hughes to spontaneously combust. Or at least get some kind of laryngitis that will prevent her from ever talking about politics again, ever. I’m over that brief flicker of time where I felt bad for hating this woman, just because she’s a woman and she apparently earnestly believes everything she’s saying. No, I really hate her. I want her to go away. Just as I feel that the ditzy girls in my Italian class are devaluing my degree, I feel Karen Hughes is damaging the reputation of women in politics. She sends out this pathetic “stand-by-your-man” kind of vibe every time I hear her talk. You might think I’d be nicer to a woman who, like me, has size 12 feet; you’d be wrong. I want to beat her up (rhetorically, of course — in a debate on policy) and then take her shoes.

And with that happy thought, I’m off to school.

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3 Responses to Karen Hughes has turned me into a gangster

  1. phillyexpat says:

    I loathe Karen Hughes more than I can even express.

  2. therealjae says:

    And what, may I ask, prompted this rant THIS time?


  3. kepkanation says:

    Just caught a snippet of her on CNN, lurking outside of the ranch at Crawford helping Bush prepare for the debate, and I thought, “GO HOME!!! You quit, you don’t get to give the administration’s opinion anymore!” And then… the rage just flared.

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