apparently, a new computer means an influx of posting

The most exciting news today is that Lori, my step-sister, found my glasses in her car. YAAAAAY! I was beginning to despair. So now I just need to get up to KC and get them sometime this week. I hope I will have a baby to visit in the next few days — my best friend from high school was due on the 24th — so perhaps I can get them then. Yay glasses! How I’ve missed thee.

We’re no longer going to have regular screenwriting classes; instead, we’ll be having individual meetings with the instructor to talk about the status of our screenplays. Tonight, instead of class, we watched the movie “Dead Man,” written and directed by Jim Jarmusch and starring Johnny Depp. I had never heard of this movie before, and I’m still not sure what I thought of it. But I have decided to take back some of the comments I’ve previously made about Johnny Depp looking a bit like a girl. It turns out that when he’s licking baby deer blood off his (admittedly, somewhat delicate and feminine-looking) fingers, he really doesn’t look that girlish after all.

Did I already say this? Yay Conan for “The Tonight Show” gig. I feel that I (and, you know, Conan) have finally triumphed for good over the forces of evil (i.e., Craig Kilborn). Conan’s getting mushy on air about this and thanking Jay Leno. Thanks, Jay Leno! I still worry about the translation of the random Conan humor into the “post-news” slot. But maybe that’s because Leno humor is so… well, family-friendly blah. Ah Conan. I’ve missed watching you.

Finally, last night, in the throes of that on-and-off lack of desire to sleep, I watched the first and second ever episodes of “NYPD Blue.” Amazingly, David Caruso didn’t grate on my nerves — and now I see where his super-man hands-on-hips pose comes from!

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One Response to apparently, a new computer means an influx of posting

  1. simplelyric says:

    ::cheers you (and Conan):: I wish I’d seen his show that night.

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