Political activity

Even before the debate last night, I was starting to feel all fired up over the upcoming (swiftly, swiftly upcoming) elections. So I finally contacted my local representatives about volunteering. I got an immediate reply from someone on staff at Nancy Boyda‘s office, and I’ll be starting there next Wednesday evening, either phone banking or helping with canvassing. I also finally found a weekend that’s good for travel, and I’ll be going to Missouri on Sunday with the driving votes crew to help register some of those charming swing-state voters in Sedalia. Woo-hoo, political activity! The one office I’ve heard nothing back from is Dennis Moore, which is too bad, since his is the campaign I probably know the most about in our area. Ah well. Nancy Boyda is actually in my district (2nd Congressional District) — I’m a few blocks away from the Moore/Kobach race, District 3.

The election is very interesting in Kansas this year, which is NOT something you can every season. There’s a big push toward the conservative on the state school board again, which probably means that next year’s going to see a return to Great National Joke when they again ban the teaching of evolution in public schools. There’s also a state rep running in Wichita on her glorious record of making KU look icky and liberal by challenging Professor Dennis Dailey’s Human Sexuality class, and the U.S. Senate race where the devil (Sam Brownback) is being challenged by… no one, since the winner of the Democratic primary dropped out. His reason? “Just tired, I guess.” I think I’ve talked about this before: the man ran despite the fact that he couldn’t think of any ways in which he differed with Brownback on issues. What a waste.

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One Response to Political activity

  1. starstraf says:

    you will be the 3rd or 4th person I know workign for nancy

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