JibJab makes it all better

My frustration exists on a number of levels today. Many of these levels relate to the MORONS at blockbuster.com, who charged me $63 for NO REASON and have yet to refund it, though they admit their mistake; some to my bank; still others just to humanity in general. Oh, yeah, there was a debate tonight, too, wasn’t there? With a screaming president? Who the f#%k picks a fight with Charlie Gibson?

Let’s not focus on that (kerry won). Instead, let’s all take a moment to enjoy the newest JibJab creation, “Good to be in D.C.” is set to the tune of “Dixie” and nearly made many people nearly fall out of their chairs when it played on CNN today around lunchtime. Which was a very nice chaser after flunking my Italian pop-quiz and learning that, despite a note on the syllabus to the contrary, we did have BritLit class on Wednesday.


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One Response to JibJab makes it all better

  1. simplelyric says:

    I hope the Blockbuster glitch (and any problem with your bank) gets cleared up. Sorry about the pop-quiz and missed class.

    I can’t really watch/listen to the JibJab thing. I could dance around and act like a monkey for you if that would help, though.

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