No hate of the day… except my keyboard

About two weeks ago, I spilled an entire Diet Coke on my desktop computer’s keyboard. I turned it over, dried it out, and then celebrated the fact that it still worked! Now, it’s all starting to stick and be weird. The delete key is the worst off so far. I don’t know why I felt the need to share this, as I won’t replace the keyboard until it stops working altogether. In high school, we kept the same keyboard despite the fact that the letter Z wouldn’t work on it. It made it very difficult to write papers and was nearly useless for writing letters, particularly since I had two friends with Z’s in their names. But. Anyway. Bad keyboard!

I sometimes feel that I should keep some kind of “who do I hate today” list. We used to have a huge white board at the newspaper called The Board of Hate where we listed things, people, situations, countries, etc. that we hated. And every day had a “hate of the day.” Some people were uncomfortable with the Board of Hate looming over them, but I always liked it. It seemed like a good outlet for those of us who had a little pent up rage. A better outlet than, say, climbing the bell tower with an uzi. Anyway, I miss the Board of Hate. No specific reason, I’m not feeling any real focused rage today, but… it’d be nice to have.

Should I say something about politics? How about, “Oh, crap, not again.”

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