Dana Milbank love

If I should ever falter in my love for Dana Milbank, Washington Post
reporter and and author of the book that told me, hey, it’s OK to love
negative campaigning (Smashmouth), I need look no further than yesterday’s
Campaign Postcard:

A Crowded Bathroom Break
Thursday, Oct 21, 2004; 3:26 PM

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa. — Bush supporters apparently need bigger bladders.

That may well be the most important bit of information to emerge from
today’s speech by the president here on healthcare policy. The speech itself
was nothing unusual: The president said he was going to detail a five-point
healthcare plan and then proceeded to list about a dozen points, each of
them previously announced.

The real story was at the bathrooms. There was only one men’s room and one
ladies’ room for the nearly 2,000 people assembled at the recreation center.

Minutes before Bush arrived, no fewer than 68 men were waiting for the
toilet in a single-file line snaking through the hall. In an indication of
the GOP gender gap, there were only about half as many women in line.

As it happens, there were other bathrooms in the facility, but the Bush
campaign and the Secret Service shut those off for their exclusive use.
Reporters were briefly allowed to use the White-House-only facilities, and
this correspondent found three vacant urinals inside. Soon after this men’s
room encounter, the reporters’ bathroom privileges were revoked.

– Dana Milbank

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2 Responses to Dana Milbank love

  1. drenilop says:

    LOL…. I love the Post.

  2. kepkanation says:

    I love the Post

    As do I! Though I have to admit, being away from it (in print) for a while, the New York Times is beginning to grow on me — since it’s free on campus every day.

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