Please watch the trailer of Ralph Nader debating action figures of John Kerry and George W. Bush. Then sit and reflect on it. Then feel free to call me up and make the same monkey noises that I’m making right now — sputtering, freakish monkey noises that end with phrases like, “Is he for real?”

You may also submit your monkey noises in writing.

In other news, no risotto for a month! Or at least for a few days. I think I’ve eaten risotto every day this week except yesterday, when I had two meals out planned. Weirdly, in both cases, the place we planned to go was, at lunch, closed, and at dinner, waaaay too busy, so the plans changed. For lunch that meant Wendy’s instead of sushi; for dinner, it meant very tasty Thai food at Lulu’s. Mmm Pad Thai. Also saw Kelly and Sara and Sara’s adorable and still very tiny baby. Am I still a little freaked out that my friends have babies, but… che será.

Tomorrow, I will: vote; roast a pumpkin; finish painting my chair, weather permitting; and possibly go to a pancake feed. I rule.

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3 Responses to OH NO HE DIDN’T

  1. therealjae says:

    I guess the real question is … did he win the debate?


  2. starstraf says:

    Turns out reason was closed for lunch is owners mother passes away and she was in Texas, the person that was able to open for her wednesday coulnd’t make it thrusday

  3. kepkanation says:

    Sadly, I think there was some serious question as to whether Nader was triumphant — though apparently there were a number of cute costumes involved for the Bush and Kerry figurines. So maybe everyone won.

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