He’s a witch!

Woo-hoo, it turns out that sometimes, I’m not the weirdest one in my family. My sister’s cat had a few moments of holiday fun that he “wanted” to share with everyone, through my new (and so far free) Flickr account. It’s over here.

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5 Responses to He’s a witch!

  1. therealjae says:

    Yay flickr account! I will look and comment tomorrow, after a bit of sleep.


  2. kepkanation says:

    Yay flickr indeed! I’ve enjoyed it so far. Thanks for explaining it to me a while back.

  3. simplelyric says:

    Heehee! to the Rocky pictures. Chase persists in being pretty much too cute for words.

    The Florence coffee table is very interesting.

    Your room and view look very nice, and the soccer game picture is cool. (I know how weird it can be to find yourself that close to fireworks, though; it was like that when I was in Brazil during the last few games of a World Cup championship.)

    Gangsta bird is very amusing and cute, especially with his souvenir hat.

    The Santa Maria del Fiore is beautiful, as is St. Mark’s Square, as are those Baptistry doors. And I’m so jealous of your whole experience, but, ooh, Venice!

    “You eat like a bird! Mangia piu!” ::snerk::

  4. kepkanation says:

    it was like that when I was in Brazil during the last few games of a World Cup championship.

    Oh, I would loooove to hear that story sometime.

  5. simplelyric says:

    I wrote a cool essay about it for class once, and I kept intending (and forgetting) to save it from my laptop onto a disk so I could send it to you. And I’ve just realized that unless a miracle happens and my mom’s friend can recover my data, I can’t do that. ::sighs and kicks things:: So, I guess, just ask me about the trip whenever we manage to visit, and I’ll try to tell the story without my shiny essay then.

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