NaNo: Day1, and Election 2004

U.S. Citizens:

Quick help on where/how/when can be found at: And, if you’re a big dork like me, keep your eyes on, or put your predictions in at, where they have a fun game called Showdown 2004 (it’s on the front page). MyPollingSite offers a blog that’s cataloging various voting problems — if you think there’s a chance tomorrow won’t be a nightmare, they’re expecting 80 percent voter turnout in Florida. Sounds like if you’re voting in a swing state, you should plan to take a lunch with you to the polls. If you were here, I’d offer you some of my tasty pumpkin black-bean soup and a flaky biscuit to take with you… alas, you are not, and I will have to eat the soup myself.

Still undecided? I can offer no help, except to say this: if at this point you can’t tell the difference between the candidates, you may be smoking crack. Put it down and go vote for John Kerry. Thanks.

And now, just for fun, my predictions. Which will probably all be wrong, though I feel very confident of Kansas:

My math is off somewhere here, but it’s late and I’ll just have to fix it tomorrow/today.
Kerry – 317
Washington – 11
Oregon – 7
California – 55
Hawaii – 4
Missouri – 11
Minnesota – 10
Iowa – 7
Wisconsin – 10
Illinois – 21
Michigan – 17
Ohio – 20
Pennsylvania – 21
New York – 31
Maryland – 10
Maine – 4
Vermont – 3
New Hampshire – 4
Massacusetts – 12
Rhode Island – 4
Connecticut – 7
New Jersey – 15
Delaware – 3
D.C. – 3
Florida – 27

Bush – 221
Alaska – 3
Utah – 5
Nevada – 5
Idaho – 4
Montana – 3
Wyoming – 3
Colorado – 9
New Mexico – 5
Texas – 34
Okalahoma – 7
Kansas – 6
Nebraska – 5
South Dakota – 3
North Dakota – 3
Arkansas – 6
Louisiana – 9
Mississippi – 6
Alabama – 9
Georgia – 15
Tennessee – 11
Kentucky – 8
Indiana – 11
West Virginia – 5
Virginia – 13
North Carolina – 15
South Carolina – 8
I cannot yet accept that Missouri will not go to Kerry. I mean, I still want him to win even without it, but… it’d be nice to have one of my two neighboring states go to the senator from Mass.

Can’t think about it anymore. time to sleep.

Very quickly, because I’m tired and I want to wake up and have it be the day that Kerry wins: 2,101 words so far (safely backed up, , you’ll be happy to know). I used Jer’s Novel Writer for it so far, but though I looove the margin notes, I may have to switch back to word soon for two reasons: 1). It’s just not stable yet, and froze up on me at the end (I was able to save what I’d just written by copying it down) and 2). I’m going to miss the ability to write on my desktop PC, where I can make things so much larger on the sreen.

And that’s all for today.

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