Not ranting, believe it or not.

All right, a million posts later I’m feeling basically the way everyone else is: I’m sad, I’m frustrated, and beyond all of that I’m really angry. I’ve had my many near-cries today and my long-distance chances to rant and rail, and at the moment I’m feeling pretty much worn out of all of that. Maybe I’ll have something more constructive to say later, but… let’s not hold our breath.

Which, by the way, I’m not saying that I think anyone *shouldn’t* be posting his/her thoughts on the election. Rant away, people! Get it out here, in writing, and on the bus, and in your cars, and everywhere. I believe firmly in the right of everyone to grieve/react in his/her own way, and I think LJ provides a fascinating window through which to observe many of these feelings.

A nice thing that happened today was at work. I was feeling, well, like I’d been kicked in the teeth and then set on fire by Dick Cheney, and I mentioned this to my boss. And she (and her boss, and our copy editor, and two of the assistants by me) all chimed in to give me some hope. What they said, basically, was that it’s actually been worse than this before. The election in 1984, they said, was much harder to take, because then it was a conservative takeover in a landslide, not by a slim majority. The sense of alienation from the mainstream was worse then, they assured me, and there seemed to be much less hope for recovery. And then, only 8 years later, we got Clinton. So, that’s something to think about, a piece of happy gum to chew on. Also, my boss turned around, out of nowhere, and said, “I’m really sick about this. What can we do, about this gay marriage business? How can we make it better?” And I’m encouraged to think that maybe if she’s wondering, many other people are wondering, too. If only they can keep wondering for a few years…

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4 Responses to Not ranting, believe it or not.

  1. therealjae says:

    Wow. Go, boss.


  2. kepkanation says:

    I really have the coolest little office, particularly for the middle of Kansas. It’s a nice little liberal oasis (though KU itself is already a nice liberal oasis for the state).

  3. starstraf says:

    one thing boss can do is sign this petiotion
    HRC Million for Marriage

  4. kepkanation says:

    Actually, I found out she’s already an HRC member — she says it’s the one charity she always contributes to and gets all the action alerts for. But thanks anyway for the link!

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