movie update, in which I dork out.

I have abandoned my goal of seeing 52 movies in the theater this year. I’d like to blame it all on being abroad for two months, but really, it’s just that I didn’t get out and go to the movies as much this fall as I did in the Spring. Maybe there were fewer things to catch my attention; more likely, it’s because I’ve finally realized, with the price of gas being what it is and the reliability of my car being sometimes questionable, that driving to Kansas City to see a movie is much more costly than I used to think it was. Blah blah blah.

But, I have seen more than 50 new-to-me movies this year, thanks to my on-again, off-again romance with Netflix (and my current $15 fling with the unlimited rentals for a month program at Blockbuster) and the fact that I tend to have USA on late at night.

This weekend, I’ve seen three movies, two that I had never seen before. Friday night, I watched all of Far From Heaven. I had rented it before but never got around to watching it. I happened to catch it right at the beginning, and I sat and watched it until the bathwater turned cold (thank god for cable in the bathroom at Dad’s house). I enjoyed it more than I thought I might, even through the 50s exaggerations and everything.

Last night, Dad and I stayed up untli 1:30 watching The Untouchables, which I also very much enjoyed. I mean, Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Robert DeNiro, Andy Garcia, AND David Mamet’s name attached… what’s not to love?

But weirdly, the movie I’ve seen this weekend that I’ve found most surprisingly enjoyable is a movie I’m pretty sure I’ve seen before: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I’m currently so intrigued with late 70s/early 80s TV shows, but I really sort of loved that movie. They steal a ship! They race across the universe to save their friend! There’s mind melding and phaser-fighting and the crazy Klingons and all of that, but the movie really seemed devoid of the typical super-cheesy Kirkian moments that have always kept me from fully enjoying the original TV series. Instead, you got the crew of the Enterprise, and Kirk in particular, just looking really cool and accomplished all the time. Maybe I just like the admiral’s uniform better, but I thought – hey, why did Shatner catch so much crap for this role? He was really good! And now I want his new CD even more.

Somewhere, I actually own the first 5 original Star Trek movies on VHS, a gift from my dad when I was actually a big fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m just not sure whether I watched all of them or not.

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