Hey Lawrence people

There are two upcoming fiction readings happening in/around campus that I want to go to, and we have been encouraged by my fiction writing professor to get as many people as we can to also attend. This is because higher attendance at these events means higher probability of more readings in the future. So, for anyone who’s interested, there will be a reading Nov. 19 (that’s Friday) in Smith Hall (the one across from the Union), Room 100, at 4 p.m. The reader is Diane Williams, who my instructor has described as “crazy.” She is, as best I can tell, the writer who is talked about here, and she does, in fact, seem a little crazy. But in a good way! So everyone go watch. I will be there and I will probably be wearing green, so feel free to join or e-mail me for more info (which I don’t have but will try to find).

The second reading is at Aimee’s Coffeehouse on Monday night at 6 p.m., and will feature several KU Creative Writing grad students and at least one professor reading their works. Good coffee! Interesting writings! The professor who is reading is, I believe, someone who is widely published and possibly has a movie deal pending. So come! Enjoy! Make me look good to my instructor!

Edit: Diane Williams is NEXT Friday, Nov. 19, not tomorrow. Blame my instructor.

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