NaNo + Everything Else

I’m lazy and I’m combining things. blah blah blah. Today was weird — OK, every day is weird. Today I woke up (pleasantly late) and thought, oh yes, I must do laundry before I can leave the house. So I threw clothes in the washer and then had a bowl of granola. How have I gone 25 years without realizing the charm and tastiness of granola? It’s… charming and tasty. Also, they sell it at the grocery store in bins where you can fill your own bag, and it feels a bit like I’m buying candy. Only it’s granola. With little dry blueberries.

So, blah blah blah wash and then dryer, except — shit! The dryer hose has again decided to come undone. Long story short, I visited a laundromat for, I think, the first time ever today. It was great, it smelled great and the people were anti-social and fun to watch. Also, it was right around the time the football game got out on campus, so… not a bad time to be stuck inside a mountain-spring smelling box with a whole row of glass windows. It was like watching rats driving overpriced SUVs through an overcrowded maze. How happy did that make me? Very, very happy.

Then, TJ Maxx for the first time, where I bought curtains and running pants to be used at the gym tomorrow (the pants, not so much the curtains), then Jason’s Deli for dinner, and Target for groceries. Then I watched more C.S.I. on DVD and tried to accurately depict my best friend from second grade’s house, if it was transplanted to Abilene, Kansas, and made the home of a man who doesn’t exist.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
30,875 / 50,000

That looks pretty good, but I have fiction due in two classes this week, so I expect to fall back. Tomorrow, I’m meeting at least one of the local nano’ers for coffee and complaining at Java Break, which is going to make me crave their coffee all over again.

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2 Responses to NaNo + Everything Else

  1. starstraf says:

    our dryer is dead – pout – if not fixed by our friend this week will call “Repair man” – sigh

  2. kepkanation says:

    I think it’s the season for dryer dysfunction. Grr.

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