Oh, what a weekend of joy. I saw three – THREE! – movies, which makes me very happy. First, I saw After the Sunset, which was as trashy as I thought it would be. I really wonder if sometimes actors take on movies simply because they hear they’re going to get to film in beautiful locations. About a third of the way in, I was horrifically bored — and having trouble, throughout, believing the Salma Hayek/Pierce Brosnan relationship — but I stuck it out because, heck. The scenery was beautiful.

Saturday, and I saw Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Oh, I did enjoy that movie. I feel my money was well spent simply because I got to see Hugh Grant (as Daniel Cleaver) and Colin Firth (as Mark Darcy) fight like little girls. Lovely. And Renee Zellweger really played Bridget well — none of the over-the-top scenes felt over-the-top. Suspension of disbelief: willingly achieved!

Sunday, since I was already up in Kansas City, I went to see Sideways at the Olathe Studio 30 (drool). Unfortunately, the movie was SOLD OUT (gasp!) for the early show, so I was a very bad NaNoWriMo’er and skipped the afternoon meeting in order to catch the 4:15 show. What can I say about this movie? It’s about two guys, Miles and Jack, who go on a week-long tour of wineries in California as a pre-wedding celebration for Jack. Miles is chronically unhappy — his novel is in the process of being rejected, he’s been unlucky in love, etc — and Jack is chronically promiscuous. The thing I liked about the movie was that it kept things complex and weird. The guys didn’t rescue each other. Not everyone changed for the better. Etc. This seems to be a strength of Alexander Payne‘s — think About Schmidt or Election. I walked out of the theater not feeling that good about the movie, but I like it more now that I’ve had a little distance. It’s a good think piece. I recommend it, if for nothing else than it made me want to drink wine — and I don’t like wine.

Added all movies to my “movies seen in 2004” list, up here.

I did see some excellent previews. I’m very excited (of course) about The Life Aquatic (as mentioned), and also about Closer, In Good Company (I hope I won’t have to break out another Dennis Quaid letter), and, oh, I’m so weak — Spanglish. And, oh, about a million other films. This is where I plan to spend my Christmas break: at the theaters.

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