unos, dos, tres, catorce!

OK, let’s ignore for a moment the long list of Things I Should Have Done Tonight vs. the list of Things I Have Done Tonight and instead focus on the positives of the day.

1). Got my first screenplay back from my professor; he liked it and gave me an A. Better news: He has agreed to take me on for directed study next semester, which means I’ll be writing a full-length screenplay. Yay! Now I just need to a). finish the second screenplay for the current class and b) find three more creative writing credits to graduate with that major.

2). Finished all the orientation things at the gym. Probably won’t be able to move tomorrow, because is evil and twisted my arm (figuratively, because at the time my arm was engaged in the pull up machine), so I went to the abs class. And then I got the hiccups, which = sucks post-abs class. So far so good.

3). Went and hung out with all the lame frat boys waiting for Metal Gear 3 at Hastings and snagged my copy of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb at midnight*. So far so good — I am particularly in love with the song “A Man and A Woman.” Perhaps more on that later. I’ve set myself up for disappointment with this album. I wasn’t a big fan of U2 (mostly because I didn’t really pay any attention to them) before All That You Can’t Leave Behind, and then that album was just full of songs that seemed to strike the perfect cord for a year of my life. So what do I want from this album? Oh, just the same thing plus catchy lyrics. Let me just make the lame jump to lyrics and say, “Give me something I can feel.”

4). Tomorrow: the tearing apart of Story #2 in Fiction Writing Class. My prediction: There will be about 5 people there, because it’s break time. I might skip if it wasn’t my story up.

*What I’m really curious about is the little cluster of pre-teen girls and mothers who were there to buy Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban right at midnight. Were they planning to stay up and watch it? Were they truly afraid it would sell out? Am I so OLD that I’m wondering what these children were doing out past their bedtime ON A SCHOOL NIGHT?

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3 Responses to unos, dos, tres, catorce!

  1. therealjae says:

    #1: Wow! Wow!


  2. starstraf says:

    1 – WOW congrats!
    2 – You rock!
    3 – actually I don’t think i’ve heard much U2 since joshua tree

  3. kepkanation says:

    Wow! Wow!

    Yes, my reaction exactly!

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