Time for a change of venue, and snow driving rant

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In other news, I’d like to say this: I know I’m addressing at least 80 percent of driving Americans, but I’d like to make this heartfelt plea: STOP BEING MORONS ABOUT DRIVING IN SNOW. There’s no need to drive 5 m.p.h. simply because it’s wet and it’s November, but there’s also no call for blind drag racing in freezing weather, either. Also, I’d like to give a special FU to the people who seem to believe that they don’t need to clear their windshields/rear windows/side mirrors/brake lights of snow before taking off in the morning. Thank you for endangering not only your life but mine in an attempt to save yourself from two minutes of scraping time. Buy a damn ice scraper (they’re about $.99 at any gas station) and a pair of gloves and get over the idea that a 1′ cube brushed off in the middle of your front windshield on the driver’s side constitutes a safe amount of visibility. I’ve played the “but I can make out the shapes of other cars on the road, surely that’s good enough” game, so I speak from experience. While I’m lecturing, I’d like to say, also, that it would be really kind of you to clear the snow off your hood, too, if you could, because nothing inspires confidence in my fellow drivers like watching them zip along city roads at 45 while snow from their own car blows up in great drifts across their windshield.

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One Response to Time for a change of venue, and snow driving rant

  1. simplelyric says:

    It is, of course, vastly fun to have the snow from other drivers’ hoods blowing directly across *my* windshield and/or field of vision as well. >=P

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