yo ho, yo ho, cards ahoy

LOOP of a question entry:
A). you would like a card/letter/tangible sign that I know you exist and value that sometime in the next 1.5 months,
B). you have reason to believe that I do NOT know your address because

1). you did not receive a card last year (I didn’t know you, you were in witness protection, etc.)
2). you have moved since last year
3). you’re not actually certain I do know you exist

please leave your mailing address in a comment below. No one will be able to see your comment but you and me, I promise. Unless Karl Rove actually is reading and commenting, in which case I will broadcast that address (and a Yahoo! map with driving directions) to the world.

you got a card last year (remember, it had Martha Stewart and Gray Davis on the front)
you don’t want one this year (witness protection, allergy to cardstock, etc.)
let me know. Cheers, happy holidays, etc.

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6 Responses to yo ho, yo ho, cards ahoy

  1. dine says:

    I don’t remember receiving a Martha Stewart card (and am pretty sure that would stick with one!), so here’s my info – in case you feel like sending me one this year (or next, or around 17 June, whenever).

    D. Doerfler
    911 N Skidmore Street
    Portland OR 97217

    I’d also love to get your address – I’m pretty sure if I had it, it vanished with the tragic loss of my address book last January. So, provide info, sil vous plait, to be ensconced in the Big Book o’ Slashers (v. II)

  2. kepkanation says:

    Hee hee, yes, Martha was quite memorable. I don’t know how I’ll top her this year. I’m not sure I still count for admission into the Big Book o’ Slashers (v. I, perhaps), but I would love a card:

    Jenn Kepka
    3801 Clinton Pkwy, Apt. Q3
    Lawrence, KS 66047-2172

    Woo-hoo, holidays!

  3. starstraf says:

    Star Straf & Pooch Picucci & Teddy Bear & Tony
    517 Perry
    Lawrence, KS 66044

  4. valkyriemoon says:

    I recall getting a cute little card from you in the past, and would love one in the future, but my address has changed. Its now at the berks: 4201 Massachusetts Ave NW (DC 20016)and in Apt 8088W.

    PS. I totally love your creative use of If-statements… it tickled me

  5. kepkanation says:

    I have added your address to my super-cute address book, and will definitely send a card your way. By the way, will you be back in town (D.C.) any time between Jan. 14 and 19? If so, perhaps we get together — lunch? movie? clog dancing? If you choose clog dancing, I’ll have to bring Brett, of course.

  6. valkyriemoon says:

    i will indeed be in dc then, as its the 1st weekend after classes begin, and i dont like racking up the absences early… ’cause im going ot need them…

    and, while i’m not sure i’m a fan of clog dancing, i am indeed a fan of brett 🙂 and it would be great to see you, as its been like 2 years

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