Stupid Bill Gates and stupid service pack 2 and stupid me

So, scary experience of the day: While taking a bath (and trying desperately to catch up on class reading), I suddenly heard the Windows shut down music come from my room, and then, a few minutes later, the Windows start up chimes. For a few minutes, I truly believed that someone was in my house, restarting my computer. It turns out, it’s just that I finally broke down and installed Service Pack 2 yesterday, and somehow gave the computer the power to update itself — including restarting itself at will. Luckily there was a message waiting on the screen about this when I crept up to the computer, hammer in hand, after the bath. I really want to get a bat, only I can’t really think of any “wacko restarting my computer” scenarios that end well with a bat involved.

The good news? One paper down, and one at least forming in my head, so I hope it can be completed by tomorrow at 1. I’m a little punchy. Just a little.

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2 Responses to Stupid Bill Gates and stupid service pack 2 and stupid me

  1. starstraf says:

    FYI – my super alpha geek is here visiting for a week – so if you need any computer assistance now is the time to call my house and ask for it.

  2. kepkanation says:

    Oo, thanks for the offer. Luckily, everything seems to be in working order (at the moment).

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