Committed to crochet: the story of my day.

Aw, my subject line rhymes. Sweet.

I’m doing great, really. I managed to finish my screenplay over two hours and a bowl of soup at Borders — not bad progress, considering it had 3 pages before I started. I’m very close to being completely caught up on things, and will only need to consult briefly with one professor tomorrow to bring myself up to the level where I should be.

Also, I baked brownies and crocheted almost a foot of scarf and watched the movie Committed (also mentioned briefly on the updated movies page). Which was notable mostly for its weirdness and the fact that Luka from E.R. was the sweet neighbor with a blow-up doll.

And look, I have a new icon! Made by someone named . U2! And they spin! And there’s the Apple logo! I’m honestly not a “serious” enough U2 fan to have an icon just for them, but anything advertising iTunes can have a home on my computer.

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