Finals update

One final down (Brit Lit), two to go– but not until Thursday, which means I am going to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the rest of the day. I’m not feeling that great about the Brit Lit final — I think I did all right on the in-class essay (which was actually a bit demanding — compare 3 works over a specified theme, writer 750-900 words, cite from texts (which were allowed), use formal language and correct grammar/spelling etc.), but the quote IDs were evil little bitches torn from insignificant parts of the texts. Also, I hadn’t read everything.

So we’re gonna call that Finals .5, Me .5, and be pretty happy about it.

So, now, what shall I do with the rest of my day? Work? Nah. Crochet? This evening, certainly, but maybe not yet. See a movie? Perhaps. I’m considering either thoughtless popcorn amusement (Ocean’s 12 or Alexander — yes I know it’s supposed to suck, but Val Kilmer! I’ve loved him since Top Gun) or interest and intrigue (The Motorcycle Diaries or Enduring Love). Or I could just go home and see if Dodgeball arrived from Netflix today. Heh heh. “If you can dodge a wrench…”

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