Screw it: TiVo fight, round one.

I’m feeling a bit whiny. My TiVo (new icon) arrived today, and I raced out to the UPS pick-up center to get it. I brought it home, I did the set-up… and then it froze. OK. I called the tech support line, and a very nice guy told me, basically, unplug it and plug it back in. OK. That done, the machine started doing something even more bizarre — powering up and then shutting itself down, then trying to power up again and eventually just freezing on the power up screen. I tried unplugging it, and I finally called customer service back… and then, after going through the whole unplug/replug thing with them on the phone, they said, “Let me put you on hold while I research this further,” which must be a company line because I heard it A MILLION times, and then: she hung up on me.

At which point I unplugged TiVo and said, “Screw it. I’ll do this tomorrow.”

So, I hope this story will end well, with triumph and much love. But right now: grrr!

I think I might name my TiVo. I think I might name him Dave.

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5 Responses to Screw it: TiVo fight, round one.

  1. simplelyric says:

    I think I might name my TiVo. I think I might name him Dave.

    In hopes that he‘ll count you in and out of commercials properly? 😉

  2. tmseay says:

    Oh, that made my day. Not that I take joy in other people’s pain, but… well, when there’s a Dave reference involved, I suppose I do.


  3. kepkanation says:

    Absolutely. “In 5 – 4 – ”

    Actually, I can’t explain the Dave reference. There is no Dave reference. Perhaps Letterman. Or Dave, like the Kevin Kline movie. Or Dave Freeman, after this truly dorktastic (in both a good and bad way) guy I went to high school with.

  4. kepkanation says:

    Dave and I are glad to have contributed to your happiness.

  5. starstraf says:

    Dave’s are usually bad news – see husband #1

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