Prairie pass

OK, weird and wacky week. Welcome. It’s been a crazy swing through Kansas so far. From Lawrence to Hutch on the 23rd, in time to set up Mom’s new computer (!!) and DSL. It’s beautiful and it’s what I’m using to update right now. After a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Mom and the grandparents, I scooted off to Dad’s house. I have been driving that route every Christmas day since I could drive (so, we’re edging up to ten years, now), and Christmas Day driving is awesome, particularly when the roads are clear and the weather good. You can speed like a maniac in the middle of Kansas on Christmas Day. I’m not admitting to anything, I’m just saying you can. If you’ve just received the William Shatner album (Has Been, produced by my friend and yours, Mr. BEn Folds), you might have a very entertaining trip at that.

So, Dad’s, the 25th and 26th. I watched somewhere close to 15 hours of football. I hate football, so that was something of a trial. I did enjoy watching Peyton Manning break the single-season touchdown record, but other than that I read (finished The Gross by Peter Bart and am well into Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell now) and crocheted until I had yarn burn on my index finger. Also watched The Big Lebowski for the first time after everyone else was in bed. I was amused.

Back to Hutch on Monday, because my mom’s cousin’s husband’s mother had died. That seems like a greatly distant relative, but it was someone I knew — and I grew up playing with my mom’s cousin’s kids, so we went to the funeral in Newton. From there, we tripped on up to Wichita and saw Finding Neverland. I know I said Alexander Payne should be considered for Best Director at the Oscars, and I still think he should be, but Mike Forster should, I think, win. The visuals were amazing. Johnny Depp was awesome — his accent was even believable throughout. My thought after seeing the movie was that seeing Johnny Depp in film right now is really seeing an artist in his prime. It was just that good. Even more amazing? That I can say all of this even though we chose (by vote) this movie over The Life Aquatic — which I hope to see after the New Year, when I return to Lawrence.

So. Yesterday, all is well, I’m about to go run errands when my sister calls to say Dad is in the hospital having his appendix removed. Short story on that is that he’s fine and he’s in the hospital and I’m leaving to go up there in a few minutes.

And there are other things, of course. I’m sad about Jerry Orbach dying. I cannot yet begin to describe what I’m thinking/feeling about the tsunami disaster. I think the media here doesn’t do an accurate job of capturing the devastation, or of showing that this is a generational marker for so many countries and people in the world, something that everyone who was within probably that hemisphere will remember for the rest of their lives, while it’s already being relegated to a single headline here, with news about football and after-Christmas shopping stepping in beside it. Etc.

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One Response to Prairie pass

  1. simplelyric says:

    I’m glad your dad is all right. ::hugs::

    I have this feeling, like I meant to say something else entirely here and can’t recall what. Hmm.

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