Best of 2004.

Instead of somehow summarizing my year (though I did do the Year That Was meme a while back), I went fishing through my old entries and found the ones I liked the most. It’s kind of fun to read what I was thinking at different points during the year. I started keeping an LJ as a somewhat social tool, and it’s become something almost completely opposite, something I just do for me, to keep track of things and get things I’d otherwise forget down. Anyway, The Best of 2004, by me and according to me, is a new memory list of mine to be found here. I was going for one from every month, but I wound up with 20. Some are long, some are thoughtful, some are short and silly, but they’re all, to me, perfect capsules of me, and where I was at on that date in time.

My favorite of the year, maybe, in that it just pretty much sounds like my head and my life, is probably this one: Saturday Scrapbooking With Owen Wilson, from March 7, 2004.

Happy 2005. P.S. I’m sending out Christmas cards for Valentine’s day, which used to be my habit — but I’ve loved the cards that have arrived so far and will forget no one this year, I swear.

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3 Responses to Best of 2004.

  1. drenilop says:

    I would have sent a Christmas card, but I don’t believe I have a snail mail address for you…. ?

  2. gotmce99 says:

    Even though I don’t read regularly or post much at all these days, I always LOVE reading what you have to say. You’ve always been one of my favorite writers, so hurry up and write a book already so I can officially include you in my list!!

    And when do you arrive in D.C.?

  3. kepkanation says:

    hurry up and write a book already so I can officially include you in my list!!

    Hey, sometime, can I pick your brain by e-mail about a few of your various jobs? My fiction writing teacher is on this kick about weird job situations, and I seem to remember that you’ve has some adventures.

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