two new thoughts from stephen hunter

Woo-hoo, ice storm! This means that the pointlessness of my day is somehow defensible. I did read two interesting stories on, both by Stephen Hunter and therefore both about movies: “Good Guise and Bad Guise: Playing Key Biopic Roles” and “Look Back in Anger.” The first takes a quick-pass look at the many biopics of recent (and not-so-recent) years, and how the appearance of the lead actor was altered, leading to the grander questions of, “How much of the movie is about disguise and how much about performance?” and “How much truth do we tell?” Interesting, and it’s definitely made me more convinced to see The Aviator and more on the fence about Beyond the Sea. I have two free AMC tickets now at my disposal, so one of those films is going to get checked off in Olathe very soon. My uncle held an impromptu poll of the relatives of a certain age at Christmas brunch last weekend to see who thought Bobby Darrin was enough of an icon to have a movie made about him. It was a tie.

The other article was a bit of Hunter bitterness mixed mostly with sensible criticisms of the year in movies. I disagree with him on his easy dismissal of Spider-Man 2 as worse than the original, but I will agree that many movies released in 2004 had almost no point but cash register receipt wishes. Then again, I’m not sure that’s wholly evil.

I swear, there’s more to my life than thinking about movies. Call it escapism, procrastination, a new hobby, whatever. I’ll get over it. I also made a quiche today using only ingredients found in my apartment, watched my car get coated with ice, and cleaned the kitchen. And my dad is apparently back in the hospital, or on his way to the hospital, or… there’s a hospital in his future, though just for further tests. He seems to have a back problem, but he is so far saying a lot of, “Don’t get excited.” So I will not.

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