movie #9, I think

Um, in keeping with the pattern, saw In Good Company with last (Sunday) night. I enjoyed it. I thought it would be a big tear-jerker of a movie, but it really wasn’t. The story was actually an interesting twist on the standard romatic comedy/triumph of the good guys routine. I guess there were two things I liked about this movie: It didn’t tell the story in slices, and it let the characters be consistent throughout.

The first one is hard to explain, but mostly I can just say I’ve seen too many biopics and cut up little movies recently, and it was nice to actually have a linear, steady storyline for once. Sometimes I’m simple.

The second, I have to give credit to the fact that Carter, the Topher Grace character, was the same guy through every moment of the movie. There was no big moment of change for him, just a shift. He starts off as an attention- and love-starved little pup and he seems to end the movie somewhat similarly, only haveing latched onto Good people instead of Bad people as his company. And so, that was nice, and I liked the little bits thrown in about his history that kind of explained that. I liked how all of his relationships were smothering and clingy and desperate. Not standard here’s-our-hero typecasting. I liked it. Also I liked that the end wasn’t quite as smooth as it could have been, though it still slicked out a bit.

I’m definitely considering getting the soundtrack, because I loooove David Byrne’s “Glass, Concrete and Stone” and Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill,” and much of the movie’s music was really cool.

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One Response to movie #9, I think

  1. next_bold_move says:

    I think I have a lot of those songs already. “Solsbury Hill” is soooo great.

    I forgot to give you the application for the tutoring center when I saw you. But I still have it, if you want it.

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