present tense update

Remember those days when I used to post all the time? Yeah. Apparently that’s not happening anymore. Not to phrase that in a way that makes it seem as though I’m not in control of my journaling habits, but… I just rarely finish a post anymore.

For me, this was a busy weekend, with a couple of outings (including movie #11, House of Flying Daggers, which was both truly excellent and almost underwhelming after the build-up. I think I liked Hero better, but I’m still thinking) and homework and a pizza for $2.14 with tax. I have finished most of my Italian homework and about 50 percent of my Fiction Writing homework and there are other things I need to do but… they’re all escaping my mind.

Tonight, in the interest of studying, I went to IHOP around 9:30 p.m. This was also in the interest of getting pancakes. I was finishing a conversation with my mom when I pulled up, and as I sat talking to her, I noticed a man carrying a laundry bag walk by and into the restaurant. He stared at me for a second and then kept walking. I didn’t think much of it; I thought, maybe he works there and that’s his work uniform in the bag. Anyway, as I walked in, the man was sitting in the usual waiting-for-a-table area, his bag on a bench near the door, and he was telling the hostess that he needed her to call the police, because he felt like hurting himself. That’s what he said: “Tell them I feel like I could hurt myself.” And then another waiter appeared and seated me at a booth as though none of this was happening, and eventually a fire truck — lights and sirens on — arrived, and then a police cruiser, by which time the man had left. Apparently they found him and took him in, though. But how random is that? It’s very random. Also random — I’ve been the person making that call before, sitting at work (obviously not at KU) when someone walked in off the street and said the exact same thing. So that was the sort of flash point of my evening.

Obviously I’ve been writing a lot in the present tense, nearly stream-of-consciousness style recently. It’s fucking up my language and my ability to read.

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