So that I can prove I’ve been doing the reading:

I love this:

There is no other way to grow except through an art form today. A few hundred years ago, maybe religion could do it. But today, only the art form is able to stretch a human being so he can measure up to his potential to grow and grow and understand himself and his life until the end. – Stella Adler, “Ibsen the Pioneer.”

Started my last new class today, “Studies in The Essay.” An e-mail yesterday gave me a reading list, and so I powered through Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life last night, and then most of John Dryden’s “On Dramatick Poesy” and Pope’s “Essay on Criticism” to prepare for my 8:15 a.m. meeting with the professor. Then I had the introduction essay to a book of essays to read between that meeting and class at 9:30, which left Adler’s Ibsen chapter for now (before 2:30 American Dramatic Traditions Class) and puts readings and writings for tonight’s 7 p.m. Fiction II class off until… after 5. At least I’m doing the work, I guess. The essay class seems to be quite interesting — I’m looking forward to the continued discussions, even if it is early in the day (for me). And Drama promises further discussion of “Oleanna” this afternoon, so that’s fun, too. It’d be a fun day, if I could have just woken up knowing the things I need to know for class. And there will be much Italian homework to complete tonight.

But, in happy news, I’m wearing really cool socks.

ETA: My Essays class started with the professor (an older, East-Coast-accented man) discussing his love of “Gilmore Girls” with several people in class, and that was close to as entertaining as my pink flamingo and palm tree socks).

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