Sunday sniffle update

I know that the thing that keeps people reading my LJ is the cold/flu/ickiness updates. So, here we go, another one: I am feeling somewhat better today, thanks mostly to a gorgeous night’s sleep. I was/am taking an antibiotic that was supposed to be taken once a day, and was advised that taking it before bed would make me less likely to feel sick to my stomach. I wasn’t advised that it would keep me limited to three-hour stretches of sleep. Seriously, I woke up at 4 a.m. the other night and couldn’t go back to sleep until 6:30. Those are my PRIME sleep hours. Anyway, I switched to taking it in the morning and, wow. I slept really well last night, despite the screaming baby hijinks going on (he woke up with the stomach flu).

Saw #14: Vera Drake today. Oh, it was beautiful. All green and gray and everything in small spaces and small gestures. I think I might sob if Imelda Staunton doesn’t win the Oscar. All of this, even though I had to sit in the very front row of the theater — and the theater itself was pretty cool. Tivoli Cinema in Westport. Westport is an area in KC I need to explore on a temperate Saturday afternoon. Today, with the rain and the continuing cold, was not that day. Also, not a Saturday, I realize.

Favorite thing that I said today, which I somewhat stole from someone else: “This friendship is a democracy to a point, and that point is me. No vote for you!”

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One Response to Sunday sniffle update

  1. simplelyric says:

    Ah. Disregard the other related comment, then; I’m glad you’re feeling moderately better and that you’ve resolved the best time to take your medication.

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